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Why does San Luis Obispo County pay for senior citizen transportation? The roots of that particular social service are in circa 1970s state legislation.

The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) is a governmental agency that receives federal and state funding for — and plans — the county’s regional transportation. This month, SLOCOG voted on awarding a taxpayer-funded grant to a new company for the county’s senior citizen transportation program, instead of one that’s served the county for years.

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San Luis Obispo County roadways are getting a big chunk of money for improvements, more than a quarter of a billion dollars' worth.

Caltrans District 5

San Luis Obispo County voters will have a new half-cent sales tax to consider on the November ballot that's aimed at raising money to pay for the county’s transportation infrastructure. 

Caltrans District 5

California drivers hitting the roads this holiday weekend will see a bit of relief at the pump as the state's gas tax dropped Friday by a couple of cents. 

Caltrans District 5

Delays and cancellations are facing transportation projects on the Central Coast following word this month, the State of California is making even deeper cuts to planned projects. 

SLOCOG / Caltrans

Plans are moving forward to put a San Luis Obispo County-wide, half-cent sales tax measure on the November 2016 ballot. 


Transportation funding is a real issue in California and along the Central Coast where major projects can no longer move forward because there’s just not enough money. 


A high-tech mapping tool designed by Google is being used as a way for the public to assist in the design of a multi-use trail that could one day connect San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach.

The Edna - Price Canyon Trail is still in the early planning phases, and those behind the project are asking for the public's inpus with its layout.

The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) says the overall goal of the mapping tool process is to assist in preparing a Trail Master Plan.

SLO RideShare

Throughout the month of October, San Luis Obispo County commuters have an opportunity to win $100 a day just for choosing alternative forms of transportation.

It's called Hidden Cash and it's part of SLO RideShare Month.

Thursday morning a bicycle commuter stumbled upon the $100 prize at the San Luis Obispo Bike Kitchen. Cash will continue to show up daily at random locations throughout the county and related to various forms of travel.

Clues as to where the cash might be are posted through RideShare's social media accounts.

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County - video still

Efforts to fund a new public hiking space in the hills overlooking Pismo Beach may soon have an unexpected source of money.

SLOCOG, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments had set aside money for upgrades to the Pirate's Cove area. However, the California Coastal Commission only approved a small portion of the proposed improvements leaving an estimated $175,000 on the table for another project.

While heart disease and lower respiratory disease remain leading causes of death in the U.S., 25% of household income is spent on transportation and 40% of car trips are less than 2 miles. In spite of these statistics, Americans are changing their behavior. From 2000 - 2011 we have seen a 47% increase in bicycle commuting in the United States. In San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles that number increases to an incredible 80%.