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San Luis Obispo city staff will move forward with plans on how to implement a Styrofoam use ban, should the council vote to approve one down the road.

A special one hour public meeting of the City Council was held Wednesday afternoon. Several members of the public spoke in favor of banning Styrofoam—or polystyrene—at the meeting.

City leaders described it as a "study session." Four out of the five city council members agreed to direct staff to continue working on the issue.

Councilman John Ashbaugh supports the strongest possible version of a ban.

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California-based Habit Burger is getting national attention. The fast-food chain that got its start in Santa Barbara County has the nation's best tasting burgers according to one high-profile publication.

For a new Consumer Reports survey, subscribers were asked to rate the taste of various burgers on a scale of one to ten, and Habit Burger came out on top beating popular burger competitors like In-N-Out and Five Guys (#2 and #3 respectively).

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Wine Enthusiast Magazine is out with its annual list of the 100 best wine restaurants in the United States, and two Central Coast locations made the cut.

Les Marchands in Santa Barbara was selected for its blend of European and local wines showcasing small grower-producers "that make wine in a natural, noninterventionist style."

San Luis Obispo's Novo Restaurant made the list for its large selection of wines made within a 60 mile radius.

The United States Soccer Team is scheduled to play its first elimination-round World Cup game Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. PDT against Belgium.

Managers at Central Coast bars and restaurants showing the game say they expect to see big crowds, even though it's in the middle of a work day.

An informal survey of a half-dozen sports bars from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles shows an uptick in business of between 5 to 20 percent, thanks entirely to the games.

Controversial 'Glove Law' faces likely change

Apr 1, 2014
Shannan Baumann

California restaurants and bars may be in luck after a unanimous vote last week in favor of Assembly Bill 2130.

The bill is an amendment to the Retail Food Safety Bill, commonly referred to as the "Glove Law," which went into effect this January. According to Assemblyman Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), who wrote the initial legislation and the bill in consideration, the law was intended to be a non-controversial update to the existing food safety code.