Mardi Gras

History Museum of Mobile front entry
Tom Wilmer

The History Museum of Mobile chronicles the region’s 300-year history of French and Spanish occupation through via artifacts and engaging interpretive displays. Equally enticing are the displays of indigenous Native American life, and the American era that commenced in the dawning days of the 1800's. Join tour guide Brandi Agnew for an insightful tour of the history museum in Mobile, Alabama.

Mobile, Alabama's Carnival Museum
Tom Wilmer

Mobile, Alabama celebrated its first Mardi Gras carnival back in 1703, years before New Orleans. Today the two-week annual affair generates more than 12,000 year round jobs supporting the Carnival, from hair dressers to float builders. Carnival is such a big deal, it's a State and local holiday. Join Judi Gulledge, Executive Director of the Mobile Carnival Association at the Mobile Carnival Museum.

Carnival character in downtown park, Mobile, Alabame
Tom Wilmer

Mobile, Alabama is steeped in history with living legacy of the French colonial era to the Civil War. Today its vibrant economy is palpable, from a hopping nightlife to a burgeoning fine dining scene. The economy is strong, with players like Airbus Industries, shipbuilding and an embarkation port for Carnival Cruise Lines. Join David Clark, President and CEO of Visit Mobile Alabama as he shares his insights and recommendations.