San Luis Obispo County includes funding for business incubator in budget

Jun 9, 2015
San Luis Obispo Hothouse

Funding for a San Luis Obispo business incubator will now be included in the County's annual budget.

The board of supervisors unanimously approved an annual $200,000 in funds for the San Luis Obispo HotHouse this week.

Supervisor Adam Hill said he worked to create a partnership with the Hothouse and pushed to add funding for the incubator to the annual budget.

The HotHouse is a collaboration between Cal Poly and the community to help students and community members create businesses.

The upcoming 4th Annual TechPitch event is put on by the SLO HotHouse in partnership with Cal Poly and the greater San Luis Obispo community.

Mike Manchak, President and CEO for the Economic Vitality Corporation and Chelsea Brown, Media Coordinator with the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, discuss the details with KCBX News Director Randol White.


SLO HotHouse churns out Cal Poly success stories

May 22, 2014

The SLO HotHouse tops our conversation this week with Mike Manchak, President and CEO for the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC), regarding the latest business news and trends along the Central Coast.

Cal Poly's successful program in downtown San Luis Obispo is funded by Cal Poly and the business community. It's hosting a summer accelerator program for student startups. The venture has successfully incubated companies that have since been acquired by large corporations.

Pacific Business Times reporter Stephen Nellis has an upcoming piece on this program.