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The olive industry in San Luis Obispo County is on track to have a bumper harvest this coming fall. This time around, drought is not a big factor in the equation. 

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Central Coast residents and businesses cut their water usage by 30.6 percent in July, saving slightly more than June's 30.3 percent. 

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There is a new live streaming video service that lets you peak into the wild nests of an endangered California bird. It's the first ever publicly-available live video of wild condor nests. 

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UPDATE: Aug. 26, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay said Wednesday that 10 new birds have come into the facility since announcing the problem on Tuesday.

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Sightings of potentially dangerous wildlife in urban areas this week on the Central Coast have prompted agencies to issue safety alerts. 

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The congressional campaign of a local Republican candidate is gaining momentum. Justin Fareed announced he now has the official endorsement of Arizona Sen. John McCain. 

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Central Coast fisherman are reporting sightings of fish more accustomed to tropical waters, as warmer-than-normal sea temperatures persist off our shores. 

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A ruling this week by a Superior Court judge in Sacramento calls for Central Coast farmers to change the way they deal with water runoff from their fields. It may take a while before any of those changes hit the local agricultural industry. 

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A vast, toxic algae bloom off the West Coast has scientists baffled as they work to figure out why one toxin in particular is dominating the waters. 

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A local salvage yard will work to keep toxins from flowing into the Salinas River under the terms of a settlement reached with two conservation groups. 

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Online retailer Amazon.com is looking to expand its work base in San Luis Obispo according to a recent announcement.

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The head of Haggen grocery stores on the Central Coast is responding to backlash following the chain's recent round of layoffs. He's trying to clarify the reasons for the cut-backs and what's next for those workers. 

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The family of a well-known music teacher on the Central Coast is planning a memorial service for next month.

Dr. Wachtang 'Botso' Korisheli was a musician, sculptor, and teacher to many. He founded the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony in 1965 and several of his students have become world-class musicians.

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State water officials are concerned our historic drought could be killing millions of trees throughout California.

Central Coast cities are doing what they can to keep our urban forests as healthy as possible. 

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For many local farmers, rainfall during this critical drought was a welcome sound.

In the Paso Robles area, where some of the biggest rainfall totals were recorded, grapes are king.