The Strangers Mixtape

Once a month during Issues and Ideas

When we are young, we are told to keep to ourselves. Don’t talk to the strangers around you. They’re dangerous, no matter who they are. If they’re a stranger, they’re a dangerous person. But most of the time, they’re not. They’re just a person. That’s why we wanted to go out and find out about these people we call strangers.

We grab a microphone, find a stranger, and have a conversation with them about their life. 

The Strangers Mixtape is a podcast from producer Bree Zender.

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Jaya Narasimhan

Have you ever thought of the scariest moment of your life? Tobin, who is traveling on his bike along the Pacific Coast Highway, sure has. He tells of his experience missing a bus in Panama in this episode of the Strangers Mixtape.

Jaya Narasimhan

On this episode of The Strangers Mixtape, we once again grab a microphone, find a stranger, and start asking them questions about their lives. This stranger we talk to today is Amanda, who is struggling with finding her path after some significant life problems.

Jaya Narasimhan

For the past several months, KCBX contributors Rebekah Nolan and Bree Zender have been collecting interview with complete strangers. Like... we just approach them, and start asking questions about their lives. Sometimes we prompt them with cards with questions on them. And some of these stories we heard are hilarious. Some are mundane. And some are sad. But it's just random pieces of these people's lives. And lives are just kind of like that.