Morning Cup

Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Morning Cup is a program that is all about good music. Good music of all types. The show starts with a solid dose of Jazz and then spreads out from there. You will hear some of the great new artists from today as well as legends from the past. Join Neal each weekday morning as he plays Jazz as well as a little Soul, Blues, Americana, Indie and other forms of music from all around the world. On Tuesdays, the show spreads out more for an even broader sample of the good music that is out there.

Expect to find out about great live music happening around the Central Coast and be prepared to possibly win some tickets too!

The show is live and local so call or email requests, music suggestions, comments, questions and even info about live performances around the Central Coast.

The Morning Cup - The Music Lovers show!