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Issues & Ideas is a radio magazine of issues, people, places and events in our community (oh, and ideas, too!). You might hear a conversation with a scientist doing cutting edge research at UCSB, or join a discussion with your local school district superintendents. You might take an audio tour of a sculptor's studio or learn about a nearby getaway for locals. Contributors include KCBX News, Stephen DeLuque, Crissa Hewitt, Brian Reynolds, Marisa Waddell, travel correspondent Tom Wilmer and others.  Issues and Ideas features Ears On Art the 1st and 2nd Wednesdays of every month at 1:30 p.m., with hosts Crissa Hewitt & Steven deLuque.

Lifewater International

San Luis Obispo-based Lifewater International recently brought clean, accessible drinking water to a remote village in Ethiopia and will soon do the same thing for another village in Uganda. There are also operations going on in the Congo and Malawi.

Cal Poly Music Department

Brian Reynolds speaks with Christopher Woodruff about Cal Poly bands and being a classical musician on the Central Coast. Hear pieces by these bands and some trumpet excerpts from Woodruff.

Flickr member Josh Mock

Hear from William Ostrander, director of locally-based organization Citizens Congress, about the group's efforts to implement campaign finance reform in the upcoming San Luis Obispo City Council race.

Randol White, KCBX

San Luis Obispo’s iconic downtown Thursday night farmers' market (officially called the Downtown SLO Farmers' Market) is undergoing some changes in an effort to bring it up to date and attract more locals to the weekly event. 


Transportation funding is a real issue in California and along the Central Coast where major projects can no longer move forward because there’s just not enough money. 

Broadcast date: 11/11/15

Ears on Art presents part two of the tribute to local artist, composer, and teacher Botso Korisheli, who died in July at age 93. 

Broadcast date: 11/11/15

Ears on Art presents part two of the tribute to local artist, composer, and teacher Botso Korisheli, who died in July at age 93. 

Broadcast date: 11/11/2015

Join the conversation with Edith Ross and her brother, Art Criddle, as they recall their experiences and memories as young children living in Morro Bay during the war. Highlights include the fear that struck the Central Coast as Japanese submarines attacked shipping close to shore, and their recollections of an errant torpedo that blew up Morro Rock. 

Broadcast date: 11/4/2015

Ears On Art pays tribute to local artist, composer and teacher Botso Korisheli, who died earlier this summer. 

Broadcast date: 11/4/2015

Join Correspondent, Tom Wilmer, reporting from Alcatraz Island, as he visits with members of the National Park Service about the myth, legend and lore of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which attracts more than 1.4 million visitors annually!

Hear from local actress and author Mara Purl about her upcoming role in the play ‘The Other Woman.’ She’ll explain how the play’s themes and messages are important for the act’s beneficiary—the SLO Women’s Shelter.

Broadcast date: 10/28/2015

Wine guru Archie McLaren gathers together some of the prominent vintners on the Central Coast to talk about this year’s harvest, and what we can expect to see and taste in the coming year.

emPower video still

emPower Central Coast was initially developed by the County of Santa Barbara to help homeowners countywide overcome obstacles to making energy saving improvements to their homes. 


All Things Considered Host Kelly McEvers is the first ever for that news program to be based on the West Coast.

LISTEN: Big changes coming to San Luis Obispo airport

Oct 23, 2015

The airport in San Luis Obispo broke ground on a new terminal earlier this month.