Mondays, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

This weekly show, produced and hosted by Guy Rathbun, is devoted to political, social, economic, ecological, philosophical and religious ideas.

The series has been broadcast on KCBX, and podcast on for the past 10 years. It has included such luminaries as Robert Reich, Chris Hedges, Michael K. Hudson, Vincent Buligosi, Richard Heinberg, and many more.

Ways to Connect

Award winning author Paul Kivel (KEH-vul) pulls back the curtain of dominant Western Christianity’s benign reputation to examine its contribution to our social problems in his new book, Living in the Shadow of the Cross.

Steps to Hope: Kids Cancer Research Foundation Executive Director Frank Kalman unveils the organizations latest booklet. Steps to Hope is a guide to your options when you have a cancer diagnosis.

The Emerging Masculine: Clinical psychologist Azarm Ghareman brings the teachings of Carl Jung into post-modern analysis. Dr. Ghareman sees the need for a better understanding of, what she calls, the emerging positive masculine.

Founder of One World Everybody Eats, Denise Cerreta, tells the story of her "pay what you want" cafe chain.

Black Renaissance: Little could be more unusual in the 1920s than for white, upper-class women to seek to become, in effect, honorary blacks. Carla Kaplan’s book, Miss Anne in Harlem, tells the story of the spirited white women who did just that.

With his new book, Reclaiming Our Democracy, author Sam Daley-Harris shares how he and the citizens advocacy organizations he has founded have been leading change in three global movements: microfinance, child survival, and climate change.

Author Naomi Benaron’s latest novel, Running the Rift, follows the life of young Jean Patrick, a gifted runner in Rwanda. He knows that running will be his future. What he doesn’t know is that he must run to save his life.

Investigative journalist, Katy Butler, examines the broken and morally adrift medical system in her book, Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death.

The Next Big Think: Books about economics are rarely written from the perspective of human or cultural evolution. But, that’s exactly what Said Dawlabani does in his book, Memenomics: The Next-Generation Economic System.

Proofiness: Mathematics professor Charles Seife shows how mathematical misinformation pervades and shapes our daily lives.