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Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Citybilly after nearly 5 years of René Engle's great playlists and good company. The last broadcast was 12/20/16. You can hear that show by clicking "Listen to last full show" below until 8pm on 12/27/16. A great new show of Americana music will take Citybilly's place on 12/27. Monica Fiscalini will host our newest program, Jukebox Revival.

Once upon a time…the folklorists and cultural anthropologists denounced singers like Joan Baez and the Kingston Trio as being “Citybilly,” inauthentic for not learning the songs they sang via oral tradition. But times had changed. We don't learn songs only through transmission from one generation to the next in rural context ( as in Hillbilly), but now learn and transmit the lore and legacy of the American vernacular in a new way, through recordings and radio, and the Internet -- the new aural tradition.

This, the migration of rural folk music to urban environs birthed Citybilly, the radio show. Under this rubric, everything is fair game. Folk music means music of the folk, or people. Every show you'll hear the new mixed with the old -- and always something from one of Citybilly's "regulars," Chuck Berry, Conway Twitty, Kitty Wells and Slim Whitman. And from spring training through the World Series, you'll hear a baseball song every week.