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Central Coast AVA is variety show about the California Central Coast’s winemakers and wine lovers; profiling interesting people, visiting vineyards and wineries, exploring ideas and occasionally hitting the obscure wine trail.

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"One of the things that Champagne did wrong when they started putting out their marketing," says Jenna Congdon, the manager of The Station wine bar in San Luis Obispo, "is that they really put it out there as a special occasion wine."

That marketing message has worked better than those 19th century French producers could ever have imagined. 

Central Coast AVA: The Legend of Richard Sauret

Dec 15, 2016
Jason Lopez

Richard Sauret has grown grapes near Paso Robles, California, for nearly 70 years. He lives just a few miles from the house where he was born although, he whispers, he was technically born in a hospital in Atascadero. But that hardly takes a shine off his legend. Pictured is Richard in front of the Zinfandel vineyard he planted with his dad in the 1960s with a painting of the same view.

Ask him what grape he started planting as a kid. Zinfandel. What's his favorite wine. Zinfandel. What varietal made his vineyard one of the highest rated in the world? Yes, that grape.

This is a presentation given by Jean-Pierre Wolff on "Sustainable Viticulture" as part of the Science After Dark series of the Central Coast STEM Collaborative, recorded on April 8, 2015 at the Luis Wine Bar in San Luis Obispo, California.

Winemakers come from all walks of life. Some are almond farmers who made the switch to grapes because it paid more. Some are artists, drawing on their creative talents to craft wine. And then there are scientists. 

Denis Degher sold his recording studio in L.A. and retired in Paso Robles just after the turn of the millennium. By chance he made a batch of wine that turned out to be quite good. And his feel for winemaking comes from his musical instincts. He gives us an example in this interview.