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KQED's statewide radio news program, providing daily coverage of issues, trends and public policy decisions affecting California and its diverse population.

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  • Friday, October 24, 2014 8:23am
    Controller Race One of the Closest Statewide Contests. Inmate Advocates Celebrate End of Lockdown Segregation. Genetic Variant Explains Lower Breast Cancer Rates in Latina Women. Chaldean Catholic Leader Suspends Priests Who Fled Iraq.
  • Thursday, October 23, 2014 8:33am
    California Hospitals Adapt to Federal Ebola Care Guidelines. Poll Shows Voter Enthusiasm for Midterm Election at Low Levels. Campaigns Measure Turnout Pulse with Early Voting Data. End Music.
  • Wednesday, October 22, 2014 8:43am
    Governor Brown Meets With Help Officials to Prepare for Possible Ebola Case. LAX Takes Precautions to Deal with Passengers Coming From West Africa. Republicans Try to Take Back Seats in Former Stronghold Orange County. End Music.
  • Tuesday, October 21, 2014 9:03am
    Latino Vote Remains Sleeping Giant of California Electorate. Legacy of a Bailout: Why Kashkari is Proud of TARP, But Doesn?t Trumpet it. End Music.
  • Monday, October 20, 2014 6:02pm
    Prop. 1 Controversy: to Dam or Not to Dam?. App Allows Californians to Help Catch Child Predators. End Music.