Unidentified body found on San Miguel Island, within National Park

Aug 7, 2014

A portion of San Miguel Island - not necessarily the location where the body was discovered.
Credit NPS - Tyler Bight

Officials with Channel Islands National Park are reporting the discovery of an unidentified body found in a cove, just above the most recent high tide line.

Yvonne Menard is with the park service and says it was found on San Miguel Island which was closed to the public this past spring by the Department of Defense for safety reasons.

"San Miguel is the western most of the Channel Islands in the northern group of Channel Islands, it's within Channel Islands National Park, it's an island that is owned by the United States Navy," said Menard. "On Tuesday, late in the day, a marine mammal biologist discovered the body in a remote location on the northwest side of the island."

The condition of the body was deteriorated, indicating it had been exposed to the elements for some time, according to an official statement.

The Santa Barbara County Coroner's Office is working to identify the deceased and the circumstances associated with this incident.