Renown art melded with music showcased in rural Bath County, Virginia

Jul 9, 2017

Barbara Buhr in her Warm Springs VA gallery
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Barbara Buhr, owner of the Warm Springs Gallery and cafe talks about experiencing the charms of the little town of Warm Springs, and Bath County with a combined population of less then 5,000 citizens.

Buhr’s gallery has been catering to regional clientele for more than two decades, and her artists hail from across America.

Example of art on display at Warm Springs Gallery in Warm Springs, Virginia
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Buhr shares details of the 2017 Bath County Plein Air Festival that will be held at Garth Newel Music Center

Warm Springs Gallery logo
Credit Warm Springs Gallery

A unique aspect of this year’s Festival is that it will meld music with art. During the festival artists will join the Garth Newel Quartet on stage—as the musicians perform, the artists will paint on stage. 

Alluring architecture in Warm Springs, Virginia
Credit Thomas Wilmer

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