Nebraska's Organic Buffalo--America's original meat

Feb 21, 2017

Krecik Ranch buffalo Niobrara, Nebraska
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Buffalo meet has approximately 35 percent more protein and half the calories of beef, and there’s only 1.8 grams of fat per 3 oz serving, compared to 8.7 grams in beef. We'll visit with Stacy Krecik Miller at the Krecik Elk and Buffalo Ranch in Niobrara. Then we'll meet Dave Hutchinson who's been raising organic grass-fed buffalo in the Sandhills near Rose, Nebraska for more than 30 years. 

Dave Hutchinson surveys his Nebraska organic buffalo operation
Credit Thomas Wilmer

In addition to farming seasonal crops, Hutchinson’s passion is his sustainable, organic grass fed Buffalo operation. Come along and meet Dave at the Hutchinson Family Organic Farm.

Nebraska steer
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Cattle are definitely king in Nebraska. Cows outnumber humans four to one, and the State claims America’s number-one cow county, Cherry County that is. Overshadowed by Nebraska’s legendary beef industry is the up and coming market for buffalo.

Dave Hutchinson's organic buffalo
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Back in 1804 when Lewis & Clark traipsed across the West en route to the Pacific it’s estimated that 50 million roamed the Great Plains, but tragically by the end of the 19th Century less than 500 remained.

Stacie Krecik talks with correspondent Tom Wilmer
Credit Thomas Wilmer

In the dawning days of the 20th Century, when the state of South Dakota started a quest to reintroduce Buffalo they had to source some of their stock from the Bronx Zoo. Today, according to the National Bison Association, there’s an estimated 500,000 buffalo in America. Across Nebraska you’ll find more and more ranchers specializing in buffalo.  

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