Hornblower Cruises CEO proposes high-speed ferries as alternative to freeway gridlock

Mar 9, 2017

Solar panels and windmills help to power the green Hybrid Alcatraz Clipper
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Hornblower Cruises CEO, Terry MacRae advocates for building a network of high-speed ferries to alleviate urban gridlock. Alcatraz Cruises launched its Hornblower Hybrid Fleet in 2009--the first hybrid ferry fleet in North America and one of the first in the world. The Hybrid Fleet uses power generated by ten‐foot‐tall wind turbines and photovoltaic solar arrays covering the awning on the top-decks.

Alcatraz Clipper part of Hornblower Cruises hybrid fleet docks at Pier 33 San Francisco
Credit Thomas Wilmer / Thomas Wilmer

Terry MacCrae CEO Hornblower Cruises
Credit Thomas Wilmer / Thomas Wilmer

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