The Detroit Institute of Art—turning a museum inside out

Feb 14, 2017

Diego Rivera's frescos are not to be missed highlight at the Detroit Institute of Art
Credit Thomas Wilmer

The Detroit Institute of Art has been an integral part of Motor City’s fabric since 1885. Today the world-class museum has turned itself inside out by bringing art to the neighborhoods. DIA also provides free school busses for classroom museum visits. The 658,000 square-foot DIA and its 100 galleries is regarded as one of America’s six premier art museums. A visit with the Institute Director, Salvador Salort Pons and Pam Marcel, Public Relations Director.

Diego Rivera fresco at DIA
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Diego Rivera’s legendary fresco’s detailing Detroit’s automotive industry, with its subtle and yet powerful metaphorical social commentary would be reason enough to plan a visit to the DIA—a showcase of rare and exotic multicultural and multi national works of art from pre history through the 21st Century. 

Detail from Diego Rivera fresco at Detroit Institute of Art
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Detroit Institute of Art--Bringing art to the community
Credit Thomas Wilmer

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