Chef Bill Glover Raises Awareness of the Columbus Ohio Food Scene

Nov 15, 2016

Executive Chef Bill Glover in his Gallerie Bar & Bistro kitchen, Columbus, Ohio
Credit Lara Kaylor

Columbus, Ohio is tapping into its agricultural roots to form a truly local food system, one in which farmers, chefs, and consumers can all participate. Join NPR Podcast host, Lara Kaylor with Chef Bill Glover of Gallerie Bar & Bistro at the Hilton Columbus Downtown as he leads the charge in bringing his community together to create a more sustainable way of eating.

Chef Glover is encouraging other local chefs to be more creative in their menus by making use of what farmers can provide rather than building their menus first and sourcing food around it. 

Local products sourced by Chef Bill Glover for use in his Gallerie Bar & Bistro kitchen in Columbus, Ohio
Credit Lara Kaylor

By helping develop an online tool to connect all interested parties, as well as creating great examples of fabulous dishes made from local products in his own menu, Chef Glover is telling the story of the Columbus food scene. Come along and join Lara Kaylor and Chef Bill Glover in Columbus, Ohio.

Dishes prepared by Chef Bill Glover at the Gallerie Bar & Bistro in the Hilton Downtown Columbus Ohio
Credit Lara Kaylor

Credit Kornreich Design San Luis Obispo

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