Brown defends high-speed rail and twin-tunnels project in State of the State

Jan 25, 2018

California Governor Jerry Brown defended two massive and much-scrutinized infrastructure projects in his annual State of the State address Thursday morning: high-speed rail and twin-tunnels to move northern California water south. 

"I'm convinced that it will conserve water, protect the fish and the habitat in the Delta and insure the delivery of badly needed water to the millions of people who depend on California's aqueducts," Brown said.

Brown's administration recently decided to consider one tunnel instead of two.

Brown also acknowledged that there are obstacles in his ambitious plan to build a high-speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The cost has skyrocketed since it was first proposed. But Brown said it would still be cheaper than expanding airports or building new freeways.

This was Brown's final State of the State address. The 79-year-old is entering his record 16th and last year in office. Brown first became governor in 1975, for two terms. Then two more in 2011.