Judy Philbin

Host of Pacific Standard Time

Judy “discovered” the Great American Songbook relatively recently when she attended a vocal jazz workshop, and began performing many of those works, herself. She found the lyric writing, as well as the compositions, to be wonderfully clever and sophisticated.

Judy performs throughout the central coast in a variety of genres, including folk, jazz and musical theatre. She even enjoyed a stint in an Irish band. Growing up in a school district with great choral and instrumental programs, she had the opportunity to play a variety of instruments, including piano, percussion, stand-up bass and trumpet, and sing from an extensive repertoire of choral literature. Her influences have global roots, as she lived in Guatemala as a child, and Denmark as an adult.

Judy recently retired from her work in marketing as a writer/editor for a variety of companies including Ziatech and Intel. She remembers when KCBX first went on-air and has enjoyed being a supporter since then, making it a particular privilege to be an on-air host.

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