Hadley Osran

Host of La Guitarra

Hadley began his radio career in 1976, spinning rock and roll records at WBPR, Barrington (Illinois) High School’s 15 watt FM radio station.  That was before classic rock was classic, just new and cool.  He continued volunteering as a DJ at KOCU, Creighton University’s campus radio station eventually became Program Director for a year.  His radio career was interrupted with studies in Medicine, Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry.  He resumed his radio career in 2001, and began hosting La Guitarra with his co-host Reed Gilchrist until his passing in 2004.  In addition to being a practicing clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Hadley has the honor of serving the men and women in the armed forces, after being commissioned in the US Army Reserves, Medical Corp in 2004.