Crissa Hewitt

Co-host of Ears on Art

I grew up in Studio City, CA, the youngest of three in a family of doers. The 50s for us was not a time of watching TV, but of playing games and inventing ways to entertain ourselves. Days were filled with problem solving as we built villages on the hillside, or dug holes for forts, or played "hide the toothpick" in the pool.

My father loved to teach himself new disciplines like drawing, painting, woodworking, leather tooling, playing instruments ( guitar and sax), magic, and cooking. He owned his own printing business. Despite his early death in 1956, my father had hooked me at my young age into the power of process and the joy of making.

My mother possessed an incredible aesthetic that was evident in the detailing of the family home, the music and art she brought to our attention, the literature she read to us on a regular basis, her quiet ability to find the gem in an antique store, and in the daily meals she prepared. Even with all this, she routinely denied her artistic side but, until her death, my mother nurtured and supported my creativity. To my good fortune, family, friends and students continue to stimulate my explorations.

I earned a BA in Art at Cal State Northridge (first two years at UC Davis) and a Masters of Fine Art degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In 1976 I was hired at Cal Poly as an assistant professor in the Art and Design dept. After 31 years of teaching jewelry design, metalsmithing, sculpture, 3D design, and exhibit design, I retired. Since then, after expanding my home studio, I began private teaching.

My undergrad curriculum required a  high degree of diversification. In addition to the core classes, I studied ceramics, jewelry design, silversmithing, and fiber arts. My graduate degree is in silversmithing. I continued my studies with smiths in Denmark and several workshops in the U.S. In 1987 I took the first of nine summer month-long workshops in Italy studying marble carving. In addition, in keeping with the diversity theme, I have enjoyed taking a variety of local workshops in disciplines that have been new to me.

Hosting Ears On Art all these years has been a remarkable education. It has been a graduate seminar on a huge scale providing insights about the creative process as well as new knowledge of disciplines and techniques. Of course meeting all the guests has been the biggest gift. 

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Broadcast date: 11/11/15

Ears on Art presents part two of the tribute to local artist, composer, and teacher Botso Korisheli, who died in July at age 93. 

Broadcast date: 11/11/15

Ears on Art presents part two of the tribute to local artist, composer, and teacher Botso Korisheli, who died in July at age 93. 

Broadcast date: 11/4/2015

Ears On Art pays tribute to local artist, composer and teacher Botso Korisheli, who died earlier this summer. 

Broadcast date 10/07/2015

Part 1 (Broadcast date 10/07/2015):

Part 2 (Broadcast date 10/14/2015): 

Guest Sharon Emerson discusses her participation in the upcoming Open Studios Art Tour. 

Ian McLachlan

Broadcast date: 9/9/2015

Ears on Art continues a conversation with sculptor Lucie Ryan of Cambria. 

SLO Museum of Art

Broadcast: 9/2/2015

  Today we visit with sculptor Lucie Ryan of Cambria. 

Broadcast date: 08/12/2015

Ears On Art continues our visit with Michael J Strand, an artist from North Dakota who enjoys the challenge of using objects to stimulate human interaction. 

Broadcast Date: 08/05/2015

Our guest today is Michael J Strand, an Associate Professor and Head of Visual Arts at North Dakota State University. 

Ears On Art visits with sculptor Bill Walther of Arroyo Grande. Bill's work of assembled steel found objects will be part of the ADA Art Show 

This week Crissa Hewitt goes to Los Osos to visit with Susan and Ed Chandler two of the artists in the "ADA Art Show". She is a quilter and he draws and paints. The exhibit opens with a reception July 3 from 6-9 at The Community Foundation at 550 Dana ST. SLO.

The exhibit features works created by local artists with disAbilities (this is how they spell it) in a variety of medium including sculpture, painting, photography, and drawing. The show runs through July 30. Hours are Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00.

Ears on Art vistis with Arroyo Grande artist Toni Bouman who uses ancient Japanese silk dying techniques to create one-of-a-kind scarves, runners and pillows.

Ears On Art visits with Los Osos artist Ann Bonestell.

Working in several different materials, she currently specializes in assemblages which are inspired by images from the past and antique objects. She has work on exhibit at SLOMA through May.

Ears On Art celebrates our sixteenth anniversary this month with a visit with artists Michael Miller and Peggy Vrana , a husband/wife team whose medium is clay. Their studio Earthsea Pottery in Cambria is where they create wheel thrown works individually and in collaboration. Their work can be seen at Amphora Gallery in Cambria, a business that they own with two other clay artist couples. April 4th is the opening for the Teapot Show. Details are available at

This month, “Ears On Art” re-airs a two-part interview with nationally known sculptor Bella Feldman. This spring, she’ll be the juror for the California Slam, a statewide sculpture competition which will be exhibited at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

Ears On Art visits with Los Osos artist Sharon Gellerman. She creates colorful silk scarves using the ancient art of marbling. Pigments are floated on a special liquid onto which the silk strip is gently placed and quickly removed. The patterns are beautifully organic. Her website is