Andy Zink

Co-host of Music of the World's People

Andy Zink has been a fan of KCBX since the 80's when he was a student at UCSB and would tune in to hear the jazz and blues shows.  Andy says, "I feel incredibly fortunate to be an on-air host, and have the chance to share music with KCBX listeners on the Central Coast, and all over the world. I think KCBX supporters are amazing!"

Andy co-hosts Music of the World's People with Jim Dee, and says he's obsessed with finding new music, and he loves uncovering old stuff that's hard to find.

Music Of The World's People

Explore music from around the world every Sunday night. Jim Dee and Andy Zink guide you on audio adventures to locales far and near, playing traditional and contemporary international music that is both compelling and tantalizing.